ULM Healing Energy Sleeping Bag (large)

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ULM Healing Energy Sleeping Bag (large)
The RITM-ULM Energy Sleeping Bag are made of layered metallic coated films, covered by wool-cotton material. Using the RITM-ULM devices is a non-invasive and effective way of protecting the body from external EMF and RF radiation emitted by different appliances and technologies. At the same time the RITM-ULM devices reflect user’s own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high frequency ranges, thus normalising energy exchange and improving recovery capability of the body. Due to high effectiveness, usability and safety RITM-ULM products help to regulate of psycho-emotional disorders, improve sleep, increase resistance to stress factors, to relieve muscle tension. 


  • Protection of the covered body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic radiation
  • Reduced heat emission and normal heat exchange due to reflected heatradiation in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic waves
  • Influencing the user with his/her intrinsic electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency (the working frequency of body cells)
  • Redistribution of surface electric charge on the patient.

Healing Energy Sleeping Bag (large): 220 x 102 cm
To be delivered with an additional cotton insert lining.
Wirless/RF shielding: 8 - 40 GHz




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