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NeoRhythm. Breakthrough in brain science.
Sleep better, de-stress and boost energy with this next-generation gesture-controlled headband.

PEMF ELF (extremely low frequencies) biological influences

The frequencies below are the combination of tested frequencies in PEMF scientific research and proven effective, as well as the universal harmonic series that the GM scale model is covering.
Advice for those who love experimentation
Since every human organism is unique, the concluded efficient frequencies only correspond to a median.

1, 2, 3, 4 Hz => promote delta waves for enhancing deep sleep and deep relaxation. We advise this also for combatting anxiety, panic, and other stressful emotional situations. 4 Hz is also beneficial in enhancing meditation and relaxation.
Positions: the head (forehead or top of the head orientations), especially for meditation; solar plexus (5 inch (12 cm) above the navel) for surmounting stressful emotional conditions.

2 Hz: found to help nerve regeneration. 5, 6, 7 Hz: meditation, appeasement, introspection, memory enhancement (Roberts et al. 2018), better learning. Try first with 6 and then, if you are not satisfied, turn to 5 or 7, as advised in the introduction.
7.83 Hz: Schumann’s fundamental frequency. Interestingly, it is out of the GM harmonic scale, so that if it doesn’t work well, just go to the second harmonic (14.3 Hz) or to 8 Hz that is very close.
8Hz: pain inhibition (Maestu, C.E. pain), meditation, relaxation.
8, 9, 10.1, 11.3, 12, 13.5 Hz (alpha range): combatting anxiety, seek the frequency that suits you best. You may gradually turn from the highest (13.5 Hz, to match your EEG anxiety level the most) to the lowest (8 Hz).
10.1 Hz: supportive for the restoration of the physiological balance in the
head that is lost in migraines, clearer cognitive functioning, better memory, and more focus; restoring circadian rhythm, help with cessation of smoking. Also help with tremor, regeneration of tissue (Pawluk K.).
12 Hz: supportive for the restoration of the physiological balance in the
head that is lost in migraines, enhancing peripheral blood flow, (Pawluk K.).
14.3 Hz: 1st Schumann’s resonance harmonic => general well-being enhancing, bodily self-healing capacities enhancing.

Higher Frequencies

16Hz: supportive for the restoration of the physiological balance in the
head that is lost in migraines, also found in helping the regeneration of cells.

Position: for the balance in the head, the position should be on the head. For helping the regeneration of cells, lay the NeoRhythm device over the afflicted body part.

18 Hz: helpful for combating obesity (Pawluk K.).
20.25 Hz: helps against anxiety (Pawluk K.) and supports meditation for well-being (against depressive modes). You may also try the 10.1 Hz since this is its first harmonic.
24 Hz: treat this as a first subharmonic of 48 Hz frequency (see effects below) and a first harmonic of 12 Hz (see effects above), it is close enough to the 20.25 Hz to help support meditation for well-being (against depressive modes. This is also a central frequency belonging to the beta brainwave band. Therefore, through the so-called entrainment (resonance-based influence) it will enhance alertness and vigilance. This frequency proved also successful in promoting regeneration.
27.3 Hz: 3nd Schumann’s resonance harmonic => general well-being enhancing, bodily self-healing capacities enhancing, as a high beta brainwave frequency it enhances alertness and vigilance.
33.8 Hz: 4th Schumann’s resonance harmonic => enhances general well-being, enhances bodily self-healing capacities.
40 Hz: The most important gamma waveband frequency, is of great importance for awareness, conscious control, memorizing, and retaining a normal psyche. It was also found to help with Alzheimer’s disease.

Frequencies supporting meditation towards well-being

48 Hz or 50.57 Hz: these frequencies were found to support meditation and states that counteracts depression. It may also help with other issues, like musculoskeletal problems (e.g. tightened tendons, muscles, etc.), helping with eye problems (like conjunctivitis, blood circulation, even glaucoma), heart problems, regeneration of tissue, improve cerebral blood flow in stroke patients, may enhance alpha waves in the brain (subharmonic effect), but diminish delta and theta (too deep relaxation, sleep. Application around testis may increase the production of testosterone, (Pawluk K.)).
Position: for meditation combatting depression and and enhancing wakefulness, top of the head or forehead orientation. For eye problems, the forehead orientation. For the regeneration of tissue, lay the NeoRhythm device over the afflicted bodypart. For well-being meditation counteracting depression, you could try the position on the solar plexus (5 inches (12 cm) above the navel).

Human organisms have variable sensitivity to magnetic fields. On one extreme, we have so-called electromagnetically hypersensitive persons who possess high sensitivity even to low-intensity fields. Usually, these EM fields are of a very high frequency (microwave region) and unrepeatable (chaotic) pulses of intensity.

Disclaimer: NeoRhythm IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL HEALTH CARE OR ADVICE. We are not responsible for any health problems that may result from recommendations, activities, or other information or events you learn or experience through the use of NeoRhythm. For any products or services recommended on this web site, you should read carefully all product packaging and instructions you purchase or intend to purchase. You agree that you use NeoRhythm at your own risk. Information provided on this web site and the use of any product or service from our web site by you DOES NOT create a doctor-patient relationship between you and any of the physicians or health professionals affiliated with our web site. Information and statements regarding devices discussed herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. 








NeoRhythm features more magnetic-field-producing coils than any other similar device: 5. These coils separately and in tune target specific areas of the brain (prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe) as well as different parts of the body to assist in cell recovery and regrowth. NeoRhythm covers the largest and most precise stimulation area on the market today.

NeoRhythm is the latest innovation in the rapidly developing field of neuroscience, using a non-invasive magnetic method of neuromodulation to target specific areas of the brain to help the user reach a desired state of mind such as sleep, deep meditation or focus as well as target specific body parts to increase oxygenation in the tissue in order to assist recovery.

Neural oscillations, also known as brainwaves, are reflections of repetitive electrochemical activity in the brain and central nervous system. They are similar to acoustic and optical waves as they also have a specific frequency and amplitude. Our every activity is reflected in the form of brainwaves with a dominant frequency and accompanying frequencies.

Our brain and body have a wonderful ability to adjust to external frequencies. NeoRhythm emits these frequencies with the help of medium-intensity magnetic fields and your body adapts to them. This results in a perfect mental environment for sleep, meditation and focus, and a natural, drug-free way to assist your body in recovery and regrowth.

Each of the 3 stimulation programs uses scientifically-determined frequencies, based on dozens of scientific studies in the fields of pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) and repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) across the world, and years of our research. 

NeoRhythm emits these frequencies with the help of medium-intensity magnetic fields and the brain adapts to them, creating a perfect mental environment for sleep, meditation, relaxation, focus, revitalization or help you living with chronic or acute pain. 


Reaching 1000 backers will enable us to adjust stimulation frequencies that may help to live with specific sleep disorders – and alleviate them more efficiently.


We invite you to learn more below about the LI/Hi rTMS and contribute what you can to make NeoRhythm happen. Informed and committed, we are all in this together!

Use OmniPEMF products as directed in the instructions provided on our webpage (official page: www.omnipemf.com) or in User Guide. 


Exclusive in Scandinavia, contact us for cooperations, resale and or more information


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