Microcurrent frequency therapy and choice of electrodes

Optimal electrodes for usage with TimeWaver Frequency, Healy and other microcurrent apparatus

Abstract. Uno Vita AS and our Klinikk for integrert medisin (clinic for integrative medicine) have after years clinical testing and evaluation of electrotherapy electrodes for microcurrent stimulation come to the following conclusion:

1. SIS pure silver electrostimulation electrodes offer the best all over functionality and has excellent electrical parameters such as consistent low resistance, great conductivity, and the ability to deliver a steady stream of electrons to the tissue. They can be reused for a longer period and do not cause skin irritation (must be kept moist during treatment). The SIS silver electrodes can also be used for iontophoresis (transdermal drug delivery) “like” application since there will be a flow of silver ions to the tissue. There are other electrodes specially designed for general iontophoresis, not mentioned here. SIS electrodes are not self-adhesive and need to be fixed using a standard fixation medical tape such as a Fixomull.

2. Axelgaard Blue X and Pals Blue hydrogel electrotherapy electrodes. These are electrodes that give the best conductivity and low resistance compared to other electrodes in the market, only beaten bye the SIS pure silver electrodes. Axelgaard are self-adhesive electrodes and hypo allergic meaning that they very seldom cause skin irritation compared to other self-adhesive electrodes on the market. Each electrode can be use up to +-20 times when kept clean (rinse off with pure water after use before placing them on the holders).

Conclusion. Uno Vita will recommend and offer only the unique and professional medical approved SIS silver electrotherapy electrodes and Axelgaard premium latest generation wire electrodes, not “snap” for optimal treatment results. This means that if you are using Healy or TimeWaver microcurrent devices and want to have the best electrodes available in the market you can do so. For Healy you would need to purchase a set of high-quality lead wire for electro therapy, from our store (shop.unovita.com), to be able to use them with Healy that has wires with “snap” connectors default.

All electrodes are not made equal. Different electrical properties, give different results. In short electrodes have different electrical properties such as conductivity, resistance, and the capability to deliver a constant flow of electrons to the tissue over time (during a treatment). When you choose to use professional electrodes of premium quality you can use lower voltage (intensity) settings, that is close to the body’s natural signal signals, which is reducing the risk of any negative effects or overstimulation of the tissue and increasing the efficiency of therapy.

In this case “less is more”, meaning that the closer you get to the body's natural signals the better. It is a bit like if somebody gives you a message with a low pleasant voice, you normally open to consider the information. If somebody shout it out loudly, you are most likely going into a defensive mode.

Specifically effective frequencies. Low frequency is often powerful (below 0,1Hz - 50 Hz), when used correctly as in the Deep Cycle programs and next generation programs from the developer. Low frequency microcurrents will be able to penetrate the skin more easily if the resistance is exceptionally low and continuing to be low over time. These effects can influence the efficiency of treatments substantially and especially with longer treatment sessions. There is a similar effect with high frequency. I general it is well known for bioimpedance research that at lower frequency, they cannot pass through all tissue types and cell membranes like higher frequency can. Low frequency will travel around cells through extracellular water.

Comfort, skin irritation and long-term usage. The SIS pure silver electrodes are not only super conductive and have the best in the class electrical properties, but it also supplies silver ions to the skin and tissue (depending on programs used). This can help inhibit infections, help with wound healing, and improve outcome of treatments in general. The SIS electrodes needs to be moistened with pure water and connected using a regular medical fixation tape since the is no gel or similar on them (just pure silver). You can also use Dr. Carol Deans Pico Silver Solution, or a mix of pico minerals found in our store for iontophoresis like effects (in the case size matters, since the pico mineral solutions only contain ultrasmall ions and no regular particles). If the liquid, you use to wet the silver electrodes have pico sized metal ions some of them can to some extent “pushed” into the tissue. Normally this is done using DC currents. The SIS electrodes should be moistened ever 3-4 hour if you are using special long-term programs to achieve optimal results. The skin irritation using these electrodes correctly are very unusual, in fact we have not experience any issues when clients use low intensity settings (on Healy at minimum) on clean skin with wet electrodes. Of you want to wet the electrodes with the pico mineral solutions you should fill the liquid on to a nose spray/diffuser and spray the well before use.

The self-adhesive professional electrodes from Axelgaard the latest generation UltraStim® X BLUE use advanced hydrogel for those with extremely sensitive skin and are the next evolution of the superior UltraStim® X design. The distinctive silver grid pattern on UltraStim® X BLUE electrodes provide even current dispersion, which translates into a more comfortable therapy treatment for the user. The oversized border is specially designed to facilitate ease of proper removal to further promote electrode durability. This are the best self-adhesive electrodes we can offer also in terms of conductivity and resistance. These electrodes are a lower cost alternative to the superior SIS silver electrodes.

Written by Jan Fr. Poleszynski
Uno Vita AS – Copyright 2021

Publisert i Artikler av Jan Fredrik Polesznski
lørdag 24. april 2021 11.20.23 Europe/Berlin
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