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August 2020
Are We Reaching Consensus About Fish Oil?

The medical profession and FDA are recognizing the role of fish oil in reducing cardiovascular risks. Consumers have the option of fish oil prescription drugs or low-cost supplements. An omega-3 index blood test can enable people to optimize individual dosing of fish oil.

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July 2020
COVID-19: What To Ask Your Doctor

There are currently available therapies to discuss with physicians that may reduce the risk of a SARS-CoV-2 patient requiring ventilator support.



May 2020
Probiotic-Phage Blend Fights Digestive Problems and Boosts Immune Defenses
A broad-spectrum of probiotics combined with bacteria-killing phages reduce harmful gut microbes. This allows beneficial bacteria to flourish for healthier digestion and immunity.
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Issue: December 2020

Immune Support for Quick Recovery

During cold and flu season, zinc, elderberry, and vitamin C can bolster immune defenses and help reduce severity and duration of respiratory illnesses.

Publisert i Artikler av Jan Fredrik Polesznski
tirsdag 5. mai 2020 07.41.27 Europe/Berlin
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