Tesseract sacred geometry advanced radionics disc (premium)

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Tesseract sacred geometry advanced radionics disc (premium)
24k gold plated tesseract radionics energy plate made from copper and composite material. It can be used to perform radionics sessions, to create radionics devices or to concentrate aetheric energy and charge objects or water. This is an advanced version that features a 24 pointed tesseract!

Note! The images are partly illustrations and the delivery in this package varies. You can supplements with your own crystals or stones as demonstrated on the picture.

Product description
The intersecting line of the 24-pointed tesseract geometry cross energy fields at the centre of the circle thus the energy is concentrated at the centre of the disc. The circle acts as an aetheric pump that draws energy from the environment or healing crystals and concentrates it in the centre. You can use this item standalone or in combination with various other energy items like orgone energy discs, healing crystals, pyramids, etc. Select between tesseract sacred geometry crystal grid plate alone or premium sets with healing crystals and orgone energy discs. The premium set includes 12 jade healing stones, 12 rose quartz healing stones and one orgone energy disc. 

Obs! Our premium sets are all uniquie and each set has different configurations of stones, meaning it does not need to be jade or quartz that is included in your package.

Tessaract dimensions
Diameter: 200mm
Thickness: 1.6mm




The word “tesseract” was invented by eccentric British mathematician and science fiction writer Charles Howard Hinton, who coined the term in his 1888 article, “What is the Fourth Dimension.” Quantum theory is now common parlance in theoretical physics.

Tesseract energy pump - a twelve pointed tesseract is a shape where every point is connected to every other point. The tesseract draws in energy and concentrates it at the center of the circle. In simple terms a tesseract geometry acts as an "energy pump". Tesseracts are thus extremely useful for creating powerful EMF protection devices (they can concentrate scalar waves), healing crystal altars, manifestation devices, etc. ​The difference between the scalar wave vortex antenna and tesseracts is that the tesseract pushes energy towards the center where it is concentrated in static state, unlike the vortex antennae that create dynamic energy vortex. Static fields are best suited for manifestation.



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