Tesseract advanced cell phone EMF protection sticker

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Tesseract advanced cell phone EMF protection sticker
Our most advanced cell phone EMF protection device featuring tesseract sacred geometry disc and organic resin with silver nanoparticles

Product information
The tesseract stickers are considered to be the most powerful and effective EMF protection devices for small appliance that we offer. The base is made from thick fiberglass disc with gold-plated copper tesseract geometry. Top side is covered with mixture of organic resin and microscopic silver particles. Tiny metallic particles in combination with organic resin for a layer of orgone generating material while the tesseract metallic geometry absorbs the EMF. These EMF protection devices are 35 mm in diameter and around 3 mm thick. They are designed to be used on larger cell phones and tablet computers. They are also hard to manufacture thus they are currently only available in blue-green color, like you can see on the picture. The intersecting line of the 12-pointed tesseract geometry cross energy fields at the centre of the circle thus the energy is concentrated at the centre of the disc. The circle acts as an aetheric pump that EMF energy from the surroundings and pushes it towards the centre.


  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Thickness: 3mm


Tesseract energy pump - a twelve pointed tesseract is a shape where every point is connected to every other point. The tesseract draws in energy and concentrates it at the center of the circle. In simple terms a tesseract geometry acts as an "energy pump". Tesseracts are thus extremely useful for creating powerful EMF protection devices (they can concentrate scalar waves), healing crystal altars, manifestation devices, etc. ​The difference between the scalar wave vortex antenna and tesseracts is that the tesseract pushes energy towards the center where it is concentrated in static state, unlike the vortex antennae that create dynamic energy vortex. 



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