DE Filter (eletric high frequency filter)

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Dirty Electricity Filter

The dirty electricity filters are available to purchase individually or as part of a package deal. So clean up your dirty electricity and begin to feel the health benefits. Please see related products below for package deals of six and ten filters where you can purchase filters at a reduced rate. Also in related products you will find our Dirty Electricity Monitor which will tell you what your level of Dirty Electricity is so that you can act accordingly and gauge how many dirty electricity filters you will need to clean it up. Here you can buy one or more wireless protection dirty electricity (DE) filters.

First of all let me explain what you are filtering, DE is a terminology for Transients, actually are Transient Voltages. More familiar terms may be surges or spikes present on electrical wiring. Transients are momentary changes in voltage or current happening over a short period of time. Transients can be generated internally, or they can arrive from external sources. The least common of the two are the external variety. They've been described as electronic rust. More often we or our neighbours create our very own transients via our electronic gadgets that interrupt the natural flow of electricity.

So what’s wrong with transients, well they create a form of radio frequency that transmits the otherwise local wiring emf's into the wider atmosphere, and with growing evidence this is detrimental to health espicially for those that suffer from the increasingly common allergy known as electro sensitivity you need a device to plug in to the wires collect the power remove the transients and release the subsequently clean power, that’s what a wireless protection filter does and what’s better with a wireless protection dirty power monitor you can watch it all unfold before your very eyes

One filter is unlikely to be enough for a normal sized house you will likely need 8-10 to clean up to healthy levels and ideally you need to hire or buy one of our dirty electricity monitors at the same time you purchase your filters.

What I suggest is get our 8 pack including eight dirty electricity filters and a monitor rental enjoying some discount take your readings if you need more call us and you will be upgraded to the next discount level for your extra filters. It its less you need then send them back for a full refund for the un-used filters









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