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Sheep colostrum organic quality

Sheep colostrum (just like goat colostrum) we recommend to those who have difficulties digesting the proteins from cows. Generally the sheep colostrum is classified as hypo-allergic and is thus also suitable for small children and babys. Its high content of proteins with a small variety make its digestion easy and we haven't come across an allergic reaction to sheep colostrum yet.




Sheep colostrum is very exclusive indeed!

and just as precious as the colostrum from cows or goats

The protein fractions are slightly different to the others but the content of the important immune factors is quite similar. Because of its much smaller proteins the milk and colostrum from sheep is easier digestable than cow milk.


QuraDea sheep colostrum has the following qualities:

♦ certified organic quality

♦ SuisseGarantie label

♦ pasteurised at 63°C

♦ gently freeze-dried

♦ low on lactose



As mentioned above the sheep colostrum is very well tolerated and thus is an excellent alternative for people having problems with cow milk products in general.

We offer you the sheep colostrum here because we never had enough goat colostrum in the past. And if you can't make up your mind wether to choose goat or sheep colostrum - just let your guts decide!


eu-biolabel für zertifizierte biologische lebensmittel Schweizer Zertifizierungsstelle für biologische Produkte 

30 grams

  • Certified organic product
  • Pasteurised & freezedried
  • Lactose fere (<0,01g/100g)

The raw colostrum serves to protect newborn mammals and infants at the beginning of their lifes. This very special secretion guarantees for a good start into this existence. Colostrum of cows stands out due to a very high content of immune factors. Since the nascent calf does not get any immune factors intrauterine it is born without ayn active protection. The mothers immune power is concentrated in the colostrum and by suckling gets transferred to the calf. Already within the first 24 hours the content of the immune factors decreases by 90 per cent!

Why can one divert colostrum from the calf with a good conscience and without the off-spring coming too short?

This is only possible with animals like cattle, goats and sheep which have been cultivated for centuries. Their milk yield was increased over decades by specific breeding. In the same manner the amount of colostrum increased correspondingly. The cows of our Swiss suppliers 'donate' an average quantity of approximately 5 litres colostrum-per cow-per year within the first 12 hours after the birth of the calf.

Therefore colostrum is just a very rare substance and organic colostrum even more! We endeavour to produce the QuraDea colostrum products as gently as possible to reach an excellent quality and conserve their bio-active power.

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