Rouge MAX - Full Body Red Light Therapy

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Rouge MAX - Full Body Red Light Therapy
Looking for a panel that can give you full body length coverage and mount on both a horizontal or vertical stand without fussing with modular connectivity? Look no further! Introducing the Rouge MAX, a beautiful middle ground for anyone looking for a little more length and simplicity, with a whopping 600 LED's and delivering a powerful dose 3000 Watts. Perfect for anyone who is serious about RLT for their home treatment but also popular for salons, spas, training rooms, yoga rooms, and gym locker rooms.

  • 600 total LEDs - 300 LEDs @ 660nm Red for your skin and hair and 300 LEDs @ 850nm Near Infrared for deeper reach.
  • Highly concentrated light with a 30 degree beam
  • Negligible EMF (0.0g at 4 inches)
  • Measures 64.9" x 11.8" x 2.3"
  • Weighs 46.3 lbs (21kg)
  • 8.68 amp @ 110v and 2.92 amp @ 220v
  • 8 whisper quiet fans
  • 100,000 hours expected LED lifetime
  • Comes with goggles, electric cable and a solid wall mounting bracket
  • Ships with the correct electrical cable for your (shipping) country
  • Free freight in Norway, EEA and EU area




What are the guidelines for length, distance and frequency of using your lights?

We recommend starting slow with shorter sessions at a greater distance. Be conservative on initial dosage when working on more sensitive areas. Adding up all the areas you will treat, do not exceed 120 joules of exposure per session, which is approximately 15-20 minutes of total exposure at close range. These guidelines are valid for all Rouge red light therapy products.

Minimum of 3 times per week, ideally once daily. If more than once per day is required, sessions should be at least 6 hours apart.

Distance from light:
The closer you are, the shorter your session will be and you will cover a smaller surface area. If you stand further away, you will be able to cover a larger area but more time will be required. Remember that we need to give the treatment area a certain amount of energy, as we move away from the light the energy available to your body diminishes rapidly.

For skin issues:
Skin requires 3 to 15 joules of red light (660nm) per session which you can achieve by following these guidelines:

6” (15 cm) from the light for 30 seconds to 2.5 minutes

12” (30 cm) from the light for 1 minute to 3.5 minutes

18” (45 cm) from the light for 1.5 minutes to 5 minutes

24” (60 cm) from the light for 2 minutes to 7 minutes

36” (90 cm) from the light for 3 minutes to 14 minutes

Note: If you are using red light for anti-aging or general skin health purposes, then you should stand between 12 and 36 inches from the light. For more specific therapeutic or medical uses like treating wounds, scars, sores or other skin disorders or to stimulate hair growth then you should stand closer, between 6 and 12 inches for maximum effectiveness.

For deeper issues:
For treating deeper issues, like muscle, brain, bones, tendons, glands, fat, joints, fat, etc., we need between 10 and 40 joules of near infrared light (850nm). In this case we will always want to be close to the light. Here are guidelines to follow:

6” (15 cm) from the light for 2 minutes to 7 minutes

12” (30 cm) from the light for 5 minutes to 10 minutes

How does Red Light Therapy Work?
Red and red/infrared LED lights use ranges of wavelengths that penetrate the outer layer of the skin, providing the cells with usable energy. This brings about various reactions in the cells which are believed to have benefits. 

What is the difference between red and near infrared (NIR) light
Red light is visible to the eye. We use 660nm wavelength for all of our devices. It is a shorter wavelength, widely used in research and clinical settings. This wavelength is short which means it hits the surface of the skin and penetrates about 1-2 mm below the skin's surface. Meanwhile, Near InfraRed (NIR) light is nearly invisible to the naked eye, and it penetrates deeper below the skin surface, 2 to 3 mm. Rouge lights are always balanced with half our lights at 660nm and the other half at 850nm.

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