Proteiner & aminosyrer

The cell matrix represents the connective tissue in our body. This tissue area plays a key role as a mediator and filter of all exchange processes. Wrong eating habits, environmental pollution and toxins lead to a creeping reorganization of the structure of this intermediate tissue, which has the effect of reducing life-sustaining basic functions in cell metabolism. The main component of the tissue and the cells are amino acids, from which proteins are synthesized, in turn responsible for a variety of biological functions. Compared to the nonessential amino acids, essential amino acids cannot be independently synthesized by the body. For this reason, the supply of these amino acids by the diet or by dietary supplements is necessary.

Proteiner & aminosyrer

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Dr. Dean’s ReStructure proteinpulver

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Organic & Raw Vegan Protein Blend (600g)

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Perfect Keto MCT Collagen Powder Chocolate

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