Real Keto Energy Shots Clean Energy

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Real Keto Energy Shots Clean Energy - Keto Bomb Pop 6 pack
Boost Your Energy with Zero Sugar, Zero Jitters and Zero Crash

Get 225% more energy than sugar from the cleanest, most powerful energy shots available. Keto Energy Shots with caffeine contain D-BHB, our patented bio-identical ketone, and are designed to deliver sustained energy without any negative side effects. Now there’s an easy, healthy way to enjoy a balanced experience of focus and energy.

Next Generation of Energy Shots
Experience a Real energy shot that creates a balanced experience of focus and energy. We start with pure enhanced D-BHB ketones with a moderate dose of caffeine to optimize the neurological effects of ketones. We then combine it with a special blend of vaso-dialtors and nootropics which catalyzes the effects of the ketones & caffeine to create a truly elevated experience with no jitters and no crash!

A Clean Advanced Energy Source
The Keto Shot features ZERO sugar, tastes great, and uses the body’s favorite clean energy... ketones. But not just any ketones. The Keto Shot contains THE ONLY pure D-BHB potassium ketone specifically engineered to deliver high sustained energy with a smoother experience.

D-BHB: The Ultimate Source of Energy
Our enhanced formulation of D-BHB is TWICE as efficacious as DL-BHB, a cheaper blend of ketones used by other companies. D-BHB is the ketone that your liver naturally makes inside your body (endogenously), which is why our formula absorbs immediately. Your brain and your body will love it.

Doctor & Clinically Proven

We’ve invested millions in clinical studies, and the results are impressive.

Clinical Studies

Powered by D-BHB

Our clinically studied, multi-patented quad electrolyte formula makes all the difference.

Our D-BHB Formula

100% Guaranteed



Third-Party Tested

We ensure the highest quality standards with strict 3rd Party Testing.

GMP Certified

All of our products are GMP Certified (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Made in the USA

Real Ketones products are proudly made right here in the U.S.



Why do I experience negative effects with other energy supplements?
After an initial burst of “energy”, many of today’s "energy drinks" and "energy shots" are associated with high levels of fatigue, irritability, and sub-optimal cognition- which is commonly known as a “crash”. This energy "crash" can be long lasting and very unpleasant. This is often a result of neurologically stimulating effects wearing off, resulting in your blood sugar levels swinging erratically (often leaving you more tired, grouchy, and unfocused than before you drank it!). This effect can even be more severe if the energy drink or energy shot contains sugar.

How do Real Ketones Keto Energy Shots avoid the crash?
We add just the right amount of caffeine, then combine our formula with ketones, which actually help avoid the extreme spikes! At the same time, it provides a more powerful, longer lasting effect, so you get more of the positives of caffeine, without the negatives. Our shots provide real energy, versus a quick neural stimulant that leaves you depleted and tired.

How long does it take to feel energized?
You feel our shots almost immediately! A single shot provides a great experience any time your body needs that awesome, fast energy.

What other benefits do they offer?
Real Ketones Keto Energy Shots have been designed to deliver the wakefulness, alertness, increased concentration, enhanced cognition, mood, and motivation you deserve from an energy drink! This results in having an amazing experience every day, thus improving your quality of life and sense of well-being!

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