Qlife Hydrogen Solutions Optimum H2 Water Tablets (60)

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Qlife Hydrogen Solutions Optimum H2 Water Tablets
Fizzy Molecular Hydrogen Tablets I Magnesium Energy Recovery Supplement I 60 Tablets (1 Bottle))

  • ESSENTIAL OF LIFE: With over 1200+ and 85+ human studies about its potential health benefits, including 80+ clinical trials, molecular hydrogen is emerging as one of the most exciting research topics pertaining to health, wellness, and longevity of life.
  • OPTIMUM H2: With latest formula, the Optimum H2 contains mixture of earth minerals which interacts with water to generate one of most natural rejuvenated and energized supplement.
  • POWERED by HRW: One of the best Researchers of Hydrogen water with extensive experience in pharmaceutical research and chemistry in development of these premium H2 tablets. Qlife also specializes in hydrogen water machines in many years with its outstanding & professional team.
  • OPTIMIZED YOUR WATER: The Optimum H2 contains rich in magnesium and other earth minerals with interaction of water is able to obtain at least 4 ppm of hydrogen per serving, which is far more superior than any alkaline or hydrogen mineral sticks, synthetic hydride formula, and alkaline water ionizers.
  • WHY OPTIMUM H2: Molecular Hydrogen has been shown to greatly reduce oxidative stress, Lactic acids which enhance muscle endurance, and neutralize free radicals to provide body rejuvenation. The Optimum H2 is a 60 serving daily dietary supplement with all natural minerals for everyone. It is Made in USA.

Product description
The Optimum H2 - 60 serving daily dietary supplement with all natural minerals for everyone. Drop 1 tablet in a glass with (3-4 dl or 10-14oz) of water, juice tea, or other water based beverages. Allow tablet to dissolve completely and drink immediately. Take 2-3 times daily. Made in USA. 



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