Bulletproof Cold Brew Original kollagen (12 i kassen)

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Bulletproof Cold Brew Original kollagen (12 i kassen)

Fuel from high quality fats, not sugar
Sustained energy
One step toward a sharper, stronger you
Convenient and pre-made
15g of protein per serving

1 case contains twelve Original + Collagen bottles
Each bottle is 11.1 ounces
1 Serving (330ml – 11.1oz bottle) of Bulletproof Cold Brew Coffee contains 2 teaspoons grass-fed butter and 2 teaspoons Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

All-day energy
Bulletproof Coffee with collagen protein is delicious coffee plus grass-fed butter and Bulletproof Brain Octane oil -- extracted from the most potent part of the coconut--to power your brain and body, with grass-fed collagen protein added for strong muscles and healthy skin.

Start With Cleaner Beans
All coffee has good stuff, like antioxidants. But coffee can also have energy-sapping mold toxins that rob you of mental agility. This is clean coffee—farmed, screened, and tested to be free of 27 toxins.

Grass-Fed Butter is Better
Butter from grass-fed cows is higher in Vitamin K2, which helps push the calcium to your bones (not your arteries), and butyrate, a fatty acid that aids in digestion.

The secret ingredient
It is totally flavorless and totally satisfying, a brain-boosting fat extracted from the most potent part of the coconut. This is your fuel to power brain and body. Brain Octane oil gives your body what it needs—an efficient high-energy fuel.



Iced coffee vs. cold brew: What’s the difference?
Iced coffee is simple: it’s hot-brewed coffee that you pour over ice to make it cold. Cold brew is coffee that’s never been heated. Instead of using hot water to extract the oils, fatty acids, and caffeine out of your beans, you steep coffee grounds in cold water for several hours. The result of cold brew is a smoother and sweeter taste, partly because it has less caffeine and none of the heat-extracted coffee oils. And while it’s a little less potent than hot brew, it’s still a lot richer than iced coffee, which is severely watered down with melted ice.

Some benefits of cold brew coffee:
It’s easy to make. Drop finely ground beans into cold water, toss it in the fridge (or leave it room-temp for a stronger brew), and forget it for 12 hours.
It’s less acidic, which brings out the sweeter, more subtle flavors. The mellower flavor will highlight the subtleties of a high-quality roast and expose spoiled or burnt coffee. There’s a reason certain chain coffee shops brew their coffee in scalding hot water – it hides the taste of bad beans.
The flavor doesn’t get stale or fade. And unlike iced coffee, you don’t have to worry about water diluting the taste.


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