Langvey - Uno Vita (10 ppm) lightwater 12 pack (DDW)

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Langvey - Uno Vita light water 10 ppm drinking water (12 X 1/2 liter)
Specifically produced finished ultrapure drikninkg water with unique properties for Uno Vita`s customers
Healthy water with unique molecular composition

Top-quality water - Produced since 2003


  • Light water Langvey is the only premium class water with 1.5 – 3 times lower content of heavy hydrogen (deuterium).
  • UNIQIE BODY CLEANUP. Only light water Langvey, subject to long-term consumption (2 – 3 months), reduces deuterium in the body by 15 to 40%.
  • Scientists have discovered that even moderate reduction of deuterium in the body (by 5 – 10%) is beneficial for functioning of ALL BODY SYSTEMS and SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASES BODY DEFENSES


Reduction of deuterium in the body leads to:

  • IMPROVEMENT OF BODY RESISTANCE to negative environmental impacts (chemical poisons, carcinogens, radiation)
  • BODY DETOXICATION (Langvey has the highest purity level in terms of toxic contaminants (Pb, Hg, Mо, Cr, etc.) among available drinking water brands)
  • Improved stress resistance (Oxford University data)


  • light water Langvey is produced using unique technology developed by Russian scientists (Patent RU No. 26126670) to ensure the 1.5 – 3 times lower content of heavy hydrogen as compared to custom brands of drinking water.
  • In terms of “lightness” degree, some brands of Langvey water outperform even Antarctic glacial melt water (the “lightest” natural water).

Langvey Detox
«Langvey Detox" has been specially designed for medical institutions, it is characterized by low mineralization and high purity for harmful impurities;
It is used for the prevention of oncological diseases; or oncological patients undergoing chemo- and radiotherapy. Ultrafine cleaning filters are used in production process, which makes it possible to achieve the quality of pharmaceutical products
Reduction of deuterium in the body by 35 – 40% leads to:

  • Significant suppression of proliferation of cancer cells (without affecting the growth of normal cells)
  • Improvement of body resistance to negative environmental impacts (poisons, carcinogens, radiation) 

Langvey Longevity
ANTI-AGING effects

  • Improved stress resistance (Oxford University data)
  • Improvement of body resistance to negative environmental impacts (poisons, carcinogens) 
  • Detoxication of body (Langvey has the highest purity level in terms of toxic contaminants (Pb, Hg, Mо, Cr, etc.) among available drinking water brands)

Langvey Health
Reduction of deuterium in the body by 30 – 35% leads to:

  • Improvement of general well-being
  • Improvement of general metabolism
  • Normalization of glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin levels
  • including for patients with type 2 diabetes. Having completed 4-week course of light water consumption, two hours after glucose loading, the parameters of the glycemic curve in patients with type 2 diabetes are like those of a healthy person.
  • Improved insulin sensitivity of tissues

Langvey Sport

  • Reduction of deuterium in the body by 20 – 25% leads to:
  • Improves saturation of tissues with oxygen and glucose mobilization creating favorable conditions for physical activity¹²
  • Accelerates athletes’ recovery period after significant training load and competitions¹²
  • Increases functional reserves and improves functional condition of the body during sports activities¹³
  • Acknowledged by RF Olympic Committee

Langvey Beauty
Reduction of deuterium in the body by 15 – 20% leads to:

  • Elimination of intoxication effects: improvement of skin condition⁵ and normalization of GIT
  • Improvement of hair condition (Oxford University data)
  • Improvement of general metabolism
  • Increased stress resistance (Oxford University data)
  • Weight loss
  • Recommended by the Institute of Beauty

Facts about light water:

1. Research of water with reduced deuterium content is a part of Priority Development Fields for Medical Science in the Russian Federation until year 2025 and is included into the program of Russian Ministry of Healthcare Development of Groundwork for Utilization of Drinking Water with Reduced Content of Heavy Hydrogen for Drug-free Treatment of Environment Illnesses (Order of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare No. 281 dated April 30, 2013).

2. Health benefits of water with reduced deuterium content have been proved during a 3-year research by leading Russian institute of drinking resources -FSBI Research and Development Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene named after A.N. Sysin of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare, with support from RAMS.

History of Light Water. Aerospace Medicine

  • Study of medical and biological properties of water with reduced deuterium content with reference to conditions of long-term space flights have been conducted in the Russian State Scientific Centre – Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Science since 1991 with direct involvement of A.I. Grigoriev, the Head of the Institute and Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • The works were conducted as part of a program designed to create the most favorable living environment for astronauts during long-term flights. Currently, this research continues in respect of an expedition to Mars.
  • Numerous experiments have demonstrated that water with reduced deuterium content ensures a more favorable living environment as compared to regular water

How to use it?
Our Langvey/Uno Vita (85 ppm) lightwater water has extreme properties close to absolute clean distilled water but with the major difference the “heavy hydrogen isotope” deuterium is dramatically reduced. Most producers recommend starting a protocol (normally a period of 3-6 months, minimum 3) with slowly reducing the deuterium content. The ultrapure Langvey/Uno Vita 10 ppm lightwater you can use as for optimal low DDW drinking water or add two parts purified water (145 ppm deuterium) and reach a long term protocol using a lightwater consentration of about 100 ppm . 

Ask us for adviced depending your target and condition

Molecular hydrogen water and inhalation
We strongly recommend investing in a professional hydrogen water generator to further benefit from drinking water with a high content of hydrogen (look for H2 products on our stie) water and optimize your investment in lightwater. Our professional Hydrogen/Oxygen inhalers requires distilled water and this purity. Using Langvey-Uno Vita lighwater will ensure that you breath a optimal H2 gass for therpay purposes.
Recommended inhalers for a complete hydrogen (and low deuterim)/oxygen therapy you will find there.

Deuterium (heavy hydrogen) in food
Research indicates that low carbohydrate foods such as wild game, grass fed meat, fat etc. contains lower levels of deuterium than carbohydrate rich foods. If you want to have search of optimal health results periods with fasting (will also reduce the deuterium in your cells), periodic fasting, eating low carb/high fat diet from wild game and animals that eat natural foods (they also contain less deuterium) is recommended. The popularity and success of this kind of diets is probably closely related to the increase mitochondria function with reduction of deuterium.



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