< 99.9995 Output pressure Barr 1 Barr Voltage W 350W 33A Power/Current AC voltage Input AC220V 50-60Hz, Output DC 7.5V Water, and tank capacity Liter Sterile distilled water 2L Operating environment Indoors 5 ° C ~ 45 ° C, <80 % indoor humidity Weight Kg <22 Size/Measurement mm Width: 530mm, Height: 500mm, Length: 220 mm Usage time Max 7h50min of continuous usage Accumulated usage time indicated Manufacturer Huelight Corporation Made In Korea             ">

Hue Light Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device 1200 ml

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Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device (H-1200 (min/1,350 cc)"
Research abstract: 
Persistent oxidative stress plays an important role in a variety of pathologies, and the search for an effective and well tolerated antioxidant agent continues. Molecular hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals. The non-specific mechanism of hydrogen as a therapeutic antioxidant gives it broad therapeutic potential across a wide range of medical applications, as has been shown by a substantial volume of preclinical data, as well as a growing body of clinical evidence. This review provides an overview of the therapeutic potential of hydrogen, in ageing and wellness applications as well as medical applications, including acute ischemia/reperfusion injury, inflammation and ulceration, metabolic disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, and cancer (anti-cancer effects, radiation toxicities, and side effects of cisplatin) with an emphasis on clinical data. Overall, this review shows that hydrogen is an effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective agent.

Product’s advantage and characteristics

  • Solid polymer electrolyte technology
  • Electrode and multiple unit electrolysis cell structure
  • Uses sterile distilled water for electrolysis (no harmful alkali additives)
  • Low power consumption
  • Low cell voltage
  • High electrolysis efficiency, can use up to 7 hours and 50 minutes non-stop

Why hydrogen inhalation therapy?
Remember the 3 following thins about hydrogen:

  • Hydrogen is originally gas
  • Thus it has a tendency to spread out
  • It very small that it can even leave through muscle and bone

Anti-oxidation is the process that prevents the increase of active oxygen that necessarily occurs during cell regeneration, or suppresses over activity of active oxygen species. Anti-oxidation substances can naturally occur in the body (SOD, catalase, peroxiredoxin, glutathione) but one can also experience the anti-oxidation effect through stress management, intake of anti-oxidant foods, exercising, or healthy lifestyle. Anti-oxidation supplements, medicine, and food products currently out in the market requires intake through mouth and sent down to digestive track. Anti-oxidation effect will only show once the product is thoroughly digested, absorbed, and transferred all around the body via blood vessels. The effect will differ based on one’s digestive/absorptive ability, thus anti-oxidant product might not reach a certain area of the body. Especially for patients with lowered metabolic activity, it is even harder to see the anti-oxidation effect. The water that we drink passes into stomach a certain agent (esophagus, in this case). However, hydrogen inhaled through nose will absorb directly into the tubes that connect to neck and lungs, which will immediately reach eyes and brain. The smallest element in the universe can easily permeate through skin, bone, muscle, organs, and vessels, reaching into our cells. For important organs such as brain, there is a barrier which only allows certain substances in, and blocking external factors from permeating in. However, hydrogen – a small molecule – can freely pass the barrier and act as anti-oxidant and functions the immune system.

Hydrogen Separation Technology

  • Purity and content is the most important
  • for hydrogen gas that is inhaled for health purposes.
  • You must inhale hydrogen gas that is separated
  • Using the polyelectrolyte membrane (PEM) method.

Product Specifications

  • Model Units H-1200
  • Produced quantity and indication cc/min Molecular hydrogen : 1350 ml/minute
  • Oxygen : 400cc-500cc
  • Total : 1,200cc-1,500cc
  • Real time produced quantity indicated
  • Hydrogen, Oxygen purity % > 99.9995
  • Output pressure Barr 1 Barr
  • Voltage W 350W 33A
  • Power/Current AC voltage Input AC220V 50-60Hz, Output DC 7.5V
  • Water, and tank capacity Liter Sterile distilled water 2L
  • Operating environment Indoors 5 ° C ~ 45 ° C, <80 % indoor humidity
  • Weight Kg <22
  • Size/Measurement mm Width: 530mm, Height: 500mm, Length: 220 mm
  • Usage time Max 7h50min of continuous usage
  • Accumulated usage time indicated
  • Manufacturer Huelight Corporation Made In Korea






Chronic fatigue and brain overload

Your brain wants to rest

Due to stress, many people claim that they suffer from chronic fatigue and ennui, have trouble focusing, and are unable to recover from tiredness despite resting. According to “Korea Centers for Disease Control medical information” 24% of the patients who visit local clinics are patients who suffer from tiredness. 15~30% of the patients who visited primary health care had continuous tiredness, and it was reported that around 10~20% of the patients showed ongoing or recurring tiredness for more than 6 months. Regardless of age and sex, anyone can feel tired, but usually women over men, and people who are 60+ years old over young people show more symptoms of fatigue. Among patients who complain of tiredness, the case where physical disease is the cause of tiredness is less than 50%. Statistics show that for people over 40, it is twice as more likely for the tiredness to be due to their physical illness, compared to people younger than 40.

More patients are complaining of tiredness due to stress compared to the past, and chronic fatigue incidents are gradually increasing, but since symptoms of tiredness are so various and complicated that there is no specific treatment for it.

Recent researches have been implying that a protein called “fatigue factor” is the cause of fatigue, and the “tiredness project” at Osaka University in 2012 has led out the solution. If the brain is stressed and confusion occurs, the autonomic nervous system loses its normal function and tiredness occurs.

Two nerve systems (sympathetic nerve that activates during tense situation and parasympathetic nerve system that activates during relaxed situation) create a balance like brake pedal and accelerator pedal, and play a critical role of maintaining the body’s circulation. It is shown that brain fatigue occurs and worsens when the balance of autonomic nerve system is broken.

For instance, our eyes get tired if we look at a computer screen for a long time. Here, the part that actually gets tired is the brain, not the eyes. In general, when people look far ahead, parasympathetic nerve activates as the body relaxes, and when people look at something at a close distance, it causes the body to tense and stimulates sympathetic nerves. When working with a PC screen, tensed state is continued and breaks the balance of autonomic nerve system, causing brain fatigue. Therefore the tired brain sends the signal of “eyes are tired”, indicating to stop working on computer screen.

Memory shows the biggest difference when the brain is tired and not tired. The tired brain cannot fixate memory for a long time. The resistance against stress also weakens. Like this, the impact of brain fatigue is significant, yet there was no effective treatment until today. There are energy drinks available, but this uses caffeine to stimulate the brain and making it difficult to feel tiredness, and fails to maintain the balance in autonomic nervous system. Some people take supplements, but there isn’t enough evidence to support its effect on brain fatigue recovery.

Many people feel like the following: “tiredness doesn’t go away despite sleeping a lot”, “I rested over the weekend but my body feels heavy”

Culture and environment of modern people are the background of fatigue. Smartphone that is always held in hands – we are in a situation where it is inevitable for the brain to accumulate stress due to too much information. Also, factors such as irregular living pattern, chronic lack of sleep, child care, work, complicated relationships, drinking, etc hold many different type of stress, thus stress is always accumulated in us. Moreover, working long hours without rest leads to decreased efficiency and increased mistakes.

According to National Statistical Office’s index of state, Korea’s labor productivity level, compared to major OECD countries, is around 34.3 dollars, which is around half of USA, France, Germany, which is around 60 dollars (2017). There is no other way to explain working the most hours with low labor productivity other than it being due to chronic fatigue.

Tired? So is your brain
We can classify the cause of “feeling heavy/being tired despite enough sleep” into 4 categories.

  • Excessive exercise, working without rest, abusing muscle due to physical labor
  • Environment, emotional tiredness due to stress
  • Tiredness due to disease
  • Tiredness due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients to the body

    We feel muscle being drowsy after long hours of physical labor. In the case of continuously working with a computer, we feel tensing up of the buttocks, back, and eyes. If one is stressed out due to relationships or has an illness, the entire body becomes drowsy, mind becomes apathetic, and mistakes are repeated.

To relieve this type of stress, people use symptomatic treatments like applying heat or massaging legs/back, and adding eye drops in our eyes. It seems like stress goes away for a second, but it really doesn’t. Feeling “lethargic and tired” is because your brain is tired, not your muscle or eyes. The brain is sending signals through eyes or brain, telling you to stop working. This is the real identity of fatigue. To maintain the balance of autonomic nerve system, the brain commands to stop the activity to an overworking body part if there is a slight change in temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen concentration, etc.

The reason why most stroke patients are tired is present here. Regardless of which category you belong from the 4 reasons above, most people who are exposed to various stress feel chronic fatigue since the brain is actively working and commanding whenever body’s condition alters.

Hydrogen Inhalation Q&A
When and for how long do we inhale hydrogen?

It takes around 20 minutes for hydrogen to reach cells in all parts of your body.
· In hospitals and clinics in Japan, depending on the patient’s condition, hydrogen inhalation is performed for about 1 hour, 1~3 times a day.
· For athletes, pre/post-exercise, once each, 60~90 minutes per session
· 60 minutes prior to sleep for severe insomnia
· for normal health, once or twice a day (morning and night) 30~60 minutes per session
· For patients during chemotherapy, brain diseases like Parkinson’s, or autoimmune diseases, 4~6 hours (during sleep) (the more the better, and less side effects)

Is drinking hydrogen water different from hydrogen inhalation?
Usually 0.001g of hydrogen is present in 1ℓ (half of a large water bottle) of hydrogen water. Scientifically, in room temperature/pressure, maximum amount of hydrogen that can dissolve in 1 liter of water is 1.6mg (0.0016g). However, using 30 minutes of H-1200, a hydrogen generator for inhalation purpose, is equivalent of drinking 18,000 bottles of 2-liter hydrogen water bottles. If you use hydrogen for treatment or health purposes, hydrogen inhalation is the key

What does hydrogen inhalation do to the human body?
It reverts overly produced active oxygen in the body, and acts as an anti-oxidant in cell signaling system within molecular cells. Especially during chemotherapy, it acts as a strong anti-oxidant and manages chemotherapy side-effects, Parkinson’s brain diseases, pneumonia, and maintains immunity. “From the study of terminal cancer patients by Dr. Junji Akagi, medical treatment center in Tama, Japan”

Does hydrogen inhalation help with chronic fatigue?
In a study of “hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture inhalation on chronic fatigue and fatigue from high intensity exercise”, it has proven that inhalation mitigates fatigue until one day after the inhalation. (Yamanshi University, Japan, General research center, from Dr. Koyama Katsuhiro’s study)

Can you sleep using hydrogen inhalation? Through hydrogen inhalation, parasympathetic nerve, which takes care of sleep, is activated and the effect is optimal at the first 30 minutes. “study on the acute effect of hydrogen inhalation on the human body” (Yamanashi University, Japan, General research center, part of Dr. Koyama Katsuhiro’s study)

Is there a difference between simultaneous inhalation of hydrogen & oxygen vs. device with just hydrogen inhalation?
There is a device in the market that separates oxygen from hydrogen so that only pure hydrogen gets inhaled. This results in a low hydrogen generation rate, and it can also lead to hypoxia if large amount of 99.9% pure hydrogen gas. The machine that allows simultaneous inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen includes 66.66% hydrogen and 33.33% oxygen so that there is not harmful effect on the body when inhaled in large amounts. In Japan’s medical facilities, the second method (simultaneous inhalation of oxygen and hydrogen) is used for a safe hydrogen inhalation treatment.

Doesn’t hydrogen have the possibility of exploding?
Theoretically, when the hydrogen concentration in the air is 4%~75% explosion occurs at ignition temperature of 572 °C. When the hydrogen concentration is around 4%~94% then explosion occurs at ignition temperature of 560 °C. These values are measured in vacuum. It is impossible to put hydrogen gas in a complete vacuum environment in every day environment, therefore reaching explosion concentration due to hydrogen leakage will not happen.

Is ozone contained in hydrogen gas?
Ozone (O3) is not contained. O3 is generated from hydrogen, due to its strong reactivity, it will immediately react with hydrogen to generate water and oxygen. Therefore, there is no ozone. O3 + H2 = H2O + O2

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