Coenzyme Q10 high dose Triple Strength + NADH & PQQ

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Coenzyme Q10 high dose Triple Strength + NADH & PQQ (50 ml)
SPECIAL FORMULATION:With 100 mg coenzyme Q10, 10 mg NADH and 1,000 mcg PQQ per daily dose - ideally combined.

DRUGS: The liquid form creates a high bioavailability and absorption rate. The active ingredients are made available to the body quickly and effectively - no more capsule swallowing necessary! Flocculation is a quality feature of the natural product. Please always shake vigorously!

VEGAN: We attach great importance to sustainability in our products. Therefore all our food supplements are 100% natural and can be used by vegans without hesitation.

NATURAL: Our products contain no preservatives, no separating agents and no undesirable additives, flavours or colourings. They are also GMO-free.

HIGH VALUE: All food supplements from St. Karl's nuns are not only developed and produced in Germany, but are also regularly tested by independent laboratories in Germany.

Coenzyme Q10 with NADH and PQQ
Free radicals are important components in our body. Due to external influences such as illness or stress, the concentration of free radicals can rise very high, so that we speak of "oxidative stress". With our Coenzyme Q10 Triple Strenght with NADH and PQQ you have a possibility to support your body in a natural way.

Q10 as antioxidant
Our body can produce coenzyme Q10 itself, but this production decreases with increasing age. However, the enzyme plays a very important role as a radical scavenger in our body to protect our cells from oxidative stress. In addition, it is needed throughout the body for energy production, as are pyrrolo-quinoline quinone (PQQ) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH-reduced form). These three enzymes combine with Triple Strength to provide an optimal combination to support your body in a natural way.

Naturally produced in Germany
Our food supplements are all 100% vegan, so they can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians. Especially for people who cannot swallow capsules, our supplements are all available in liquid form. This results in a high bioavailability and absorption rate and the active ingredients can be made available to the body quickly and effectively. We renounce additives and preservatives as well as flavours and colourings. Instead, we rely on the production made in Germany without genetic engineering. At St. Karl's nuns, we place a great deal of importance on high quality standards and develop our products with food experts in Germany. In addition, they are regularly tested by independent laboratories in Germany.

Propylene glycol, coconut-based medium-chain vegetable triglycerides (MCT oil), water, coenzyme Q10 (5.2%), NADH disodium (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) (0.6%), pyrolloquinolinquinone disodium (0.1%), polysorbate 80




  • Active substance per daily consumption (2 ml) 
  • Coenzyme Q10 -100 mg 
  • NADH 10 mg 
  • PQQ 1000 mcg

Recommended consumption
Take 2 ml (equivalent to 40 drops) daily with plenty of liquid or with food. Dosage recommendation: Draw up the pipette 4 times to the 0.5 ml mark.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. The liquid is colouring, shake vigorously before use.

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