Bulletproof Polyphenomenal 2 (120 kapsler)

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Bulletproof Polyphenomenal 2

You’ve probably heard about “free radicals,” the rogue cell-damaging molecules your body creates when it burns energyPolyphenols react with free radicals to render them harmless, so getting lots and lots of plant polyphenol antioxidants is important. Preferably polyphenols from dark blue, red, purple and green fruits and vegetables that:

  • Support healthy inflammation and immune response (and even support blood flow to the brain) by maintaining the balance of cellular antioxidant action and cytokines in your bloodstream
  • Protect your gut by supporting the amount of healthy bacteria (Bonus: your gut bacteria are responsible for metabolizing polyphenols, so the better your gut bacteria, the better your body can use all the antioxidants you get from them)
  • Help grow and protect new brain cells by supporting your levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and brain nerve growth factor (NGF) — vital proteins that encourage "neurogenesis" (the normal and on-going process of growing brand-new neurons) and protect new brain cells from dying off
  • Tell your cells whether to live or die by playing a crucial role in the cellular signals that trigger cell death, an important part of the everyday process of keeping your cells strong and alive

The more diverse the polyphenols, the wider the set of free radicals they can neutralize to protect your cells. Polyphenomenal provides 1,770mg per serving of 10 different berries and botanicals for exceptional cellular protection—three times the amount of the previous formula and far more than most polyphenol supplements on the market today.


  • Diverse cellular defense of free radical damage
  • Strengthens immune function
  • Brightens skin and supports healthy aging
  • Broad-spectrum plant polyphenol antioxidants


  • NEW and Improved Formula with Even More High-quality Plant Polyphenols
  • 1 bottle of 120 capsules
  • Most potent at 1,770mg per serving
  • 10 different berries and botanicals
  • Vegetarian / Vegan


Even if you’re already eating plates full of polyphenol-rich fruits and veggies…it’s unlikely you’re going to get both the quantity and broad-spectrum mix of polyphenol antioxidants you need from food alone. That’s why Polyphenomenal™ contains a blend of 1,770mg of polyphenol ingredients from 10 different berries and botanicals per serving, three times the amount in Bulletproof’s previous formula, and much more than the typical polyphenol supplement market. These ingredients have been carefully extracted and crafted to provide a proven, potent and diverse blend that goes far beyond the tiny quantities found solely in food. When polyphenols are extracted from the skins, leaves, seeds and stems of a variety of fruits and vegetables, the result is a broad range of free-radical fighting potential and polyphenol antioxidants that can help boost mitochondrial growth and aerobic capacity. Studies have shown these polyphenol antioxidants may help reduce both oxidative stress and support mitochondrial function. Polyphenomenal maximizes polyphenol benefits by combining advanced fruit and vegetable extractions to give the body the most potent, broad-spectrum polyphenol sources in a single, convenient serving.


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