Bulletproof Eye Armor

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EYE ARMOR - 60 kapsler
Enhance Visual Performance. In this hyper-connected world, technology has taken civilization a long way. But at what cost to your eyes and vision?


  • Strengthen and protect your vision†
  • Reduce glare sensitivity (no more squinting)†
  • Enhance night vision and contrast sensitivity†
  • Increase visual performance and acuity†
  • Defend against junk light†
  • Description:
  • 1 bottle of 60 softgels

These days, high-energy blue light (aka junk light), is bombarding your eyes and taxing your vision at a rate mother nature never anticipated. Eyes were not equipped to combat all the junk light emitting from electronic screens, not to mention all that energy-efficient lighting and sunlight. Vision support has trailed technology’s growth — until now. Bulletproof™ Eye Armor™ narrows the gap. Eye Armor strengthens your vision, from the inside out, with a unique and proven combination of all-natural, super-powered carotenoids and antioxidants that:

  • Reduce glare sensitivity and improve recovery (no more squinting)
  • Enhance night vision and contrast sensitivity
  • Increase visual performance and acuity
  • Maintain efficient vision
  • Reduce eye strain and eye fatigue from high-energy blue light
  • Support better quality sleep and promote head comfort
  • Improved recovery from photostress and faster retinal response
  • Protect against junk light

Eye Health Nutrients for the Digital Age
Eyes need macular carotenoids to defend against junk light. When they can’t get enough, they resort to an inferior form of vitamin A — retinal. During the day, a compound in retinal called A2E stores all the energy absorbed by your eyes, and releases it at night. The bad news? This kills cells, causes oxidative damage to the delicate tissue in your eyes, and worse yet — can compound day after day, stressing your eyesight as time goes on.

Bulletproof’s blend of powerful carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin work together to prevent this break-down process from happening. Eye Armor absorbs high-energy blue light without releasing damaging A2E, and ensures the body powers-up on necessary nutrients that are increasingly difficult to source from food alone. Eye Armor contains macular carotenoids in a full-powered dose of 24mg, the only dose of lutein, RR-zeaxanthin and RS-zeaxanthin clinically shown to provide the full-range of eye health benefits, (including improved sleep quality and head comfort).

Astaxanthin is new and cutting-edge in terms of eye health carotenoids, but is known as one of the most potent natural antioxidants in the world. Astaxanthin is a very premium and costly ingredient, but it helps protect eyes from free radicals and oxidation. That’s why Eye Armor contains 4mg of astaxanthin, an amount well above what you’ll find in many eye health formulations on the market.

Bilberry fruit is native to northern Europe and has been used for centuries to support eye and vision health. It is more costly than other antioxidant rich dark fruits, but it is one of the richest natural sources of anthocyanins in the world, accounting for its extremely high antioxidant content and potency, so Eye Armor uses 80mg of Bilberry fruit per serving.




Ingredients and How to Use
Take one softgel with food daily to support strong eyes and better vision.

Amount Per Serving (1 Softgel): 
Vitamin A (beta-carotene) – 300mcg
Lutein – 20mg
Zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin – 4mg
Astaxanthin – 4mg
Bilberry fruit – 80mg

Other Ingredients:
Brain Octane® oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, beeswax, sunflower lecithin, organic caramel.

Common Questions
Q: If I get this product do I still even need special screens or other blue blocking technology?
A: Like blue blocking glasses and screens, the carotenoids and antioxidants in Eye Armor are able to filter and block high-energy blue light.

Q: It says to take with food. Does Bulletproof Coffee count?
A: Carotenoids are fat soluble, so the high-quality fats in Bulletproof Coffee make it a good option.

Q: What is the best time of day to take it?
A: With a meal. Consistency is the surest way to experience the full range of benefits. Meaning, that creating a routine around your supplement regimen is more impactful than specific timing. For most people, this means taking it along with the rest of their supplements, during the same meal each day.

Q: What is the science behind Eye Armor?
A: The carotenoids in Eye Armor help the eye protect itself against the damaging effects of UV radiation. The body has a backup system to protect the eye, based on retinal, which also absorbs some of the damaging effects of UV radiation. The problem with retinal is once it’s done its job, it becomes deformed, and damages the delicate tissues around it in the eye. The carotenoids do their job without themselves becoming damaged.

Q: Why do you use organic caramel in Eye Armor?
A: A very small amount of organic caramel is used to darken the shell of the gelatin capsule.


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