BodyBio Zinc Liquid Mineral

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BodyBio Zinc Liquid Mineral

Full Description
Zinc is essential for immune function, growth and repair of the body and is a co-factor of over 100 enzymes. Besides supporting immunity and being a minor antioxidant, zinc helps the gut to absorb nutrients from food. Liquid zinc is an easy way to support healthy immune function.

Specially formulated to:

  • Bypass absorption problems from dysbiosis or a pathology
  • Pass into circulation faster than tabs or caps
  • Offer a therapeutic dose at less cost than pills
  • Is not as cumbersome when divided doses are required throughout the day
  • Has no need for breakdown from a chelate
  • Is easier for a child to swallow
  • Offers the option for a high dose in a small volume
  • Contacts stomach acid faster and easier than a pill

Purified water, zinc sulfate, potassium iodide as a preservative.

Suggested Use
As a mineral supplement, add 7 drops in water or juice daily, or more as directed by a licensed health care practitioner.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your Liquid Minerals in liquid form?
Minerals taken in liquid form are more readily absorbed in the body. Using the Liquid Mineral Taste Test Instructions gives you the ability to taste them and then take only the ones you need.

Is the dosage listed on each bottle suitable for a child?
Yes, however if the child is taking other supplements or medications, we recommend speaking with your health care practitioner. Since the dosage is measured in drops, the dosage is easily adjustable.

Do your Liquid Minerals need to be taken with Vitamin C? How much Vitamin C is needed?
A pinch of Vitamin C can be added to our Liquid Minerals as it helps to make the minerals more bioavailable in the body.

Are your liquid minerals Ionic or Colloidal?
Our liquid minerals are ionic. Ionic minerals dissolve in aqueous solution (water), while colloidal minerals are suspended in aqueous solution.

Are there any side effects from taking Liquid Minerals?
None have ever been reported to us.

Can your Liquid Minerals be taken on an empty stomach?
They can be taken on an empty stomach but we recommend taking them with food.

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