Bio-Well BioCor 10

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Bio-Well Bio-Cor 10
Bio-Cor is an energy and information device for relaxation and balancing + for energizing/informing various liquids like water. It utilizes finger scan data from Bio-Well to create a customized audio experience designed to reduce stress. These results can help in developing a better lifestyle. Bio-Cor is using Extremely Hight Frequency (EHF) in the gigahertz range (40-43 GHz) of extremely low intensity (less than 10 microW/cm2).

“Bio-Cor 10” is an energy and information device designed to enable stress reduction and balancing of the user’s subtle energy, as well as for structuring liquids, i.e. water. It plays any music files, including specially prepared Chakra music files exported from the Bio-Well software, and emits extremely low intensity (0,0001÷0,6 µW/cm2) Extremely High Frequency (EHF) electromagnetic fields (40-43 GHz, 6,97-7,5 mm wavelength) with the use of the special “Bio-Cor” emitter. It can be used for maintaining wellness and the development of a better lifestyle.



The Bio-Cor 10 energy and information device generates an electromagnetic field of Extremely High Frequency (EHF) in the millimeter wavelength, gigahertz frequency
range with a very low intensity (0,0001÷0,6 µW/cm2). These EHF electromagnetic fields can be used for overall harmonization, balancing and stress -reduction.
Users can apply the EHF emitter to the forehead by connecting the emitter to the special extension port on the headphones to experience the general effect throughout
the - body. By using the special extension cable users can connect the “Bio-Cor” EHF emitter directly to the audio-player and apply the emitter to any location or
acupuncture point on the body. Additionally, users may structurize liquids, i.e. water, by inserting the EHF emitter into the special black plastic stand (provided with the set).

1. Make several (minimum 2) Full scans of the person.
2. Select the scan in which Chakras represent the average state of the person.
3. Generate the audio file (“Chakra music”) by clicking the corresponding
button in the Bio-Well software.
4. Rename the WAV file, if necessary, and copy the file to the Bio-Cor audio
player. (see above “Upload music files to the player”)
5. Connect the headphones to the Bio-Cor player.
6. Connect the EHF emitter to the headphones.
7. Place the headphones on the head of the measured person and attach the
EHF emitter to the forehead area.
8. Turn ON the Bio-Cor player.
9. Select the “Chakra music” file on the Bio-Cor player.
10. Press PLAY button on the Bio-Cor player.
11. Person may listen to the file as many times as needed.
Bio-Cor 10 can play any music files, but harmonization, balancing and stress
reduction effects can be achieved only by listening to the “Chakra music” generated in
the Bio-Well software. The EHF emitter works during music playback anyway.
Effects of using other music files with the Bio-Cor may be unpredictable.
To visualize and quantify the effect of the Bio-Cor influence, conduct Bio-Well
scans before and after the Bio-Cor sessions.

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