Aquaphor ECO Pro

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Aquaphore ECO Pro
Deep filtration system with antibacterial protection. Ensures protection against bacteria and other microorganisms without the use of chemical bactericides. ECO Pro filter includes an innovative 2-in-1 pre-treatment cartridge Pro 1, carbon block unit Pro 2 for deep filtration, and an ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane in the Pro UF unit for enhanced protection against bacteria, viruses and cysts resistant to chlorine and boiling. Cartridges of Pro series are the state-of-the-art solution for quality water filtration. The 2-in-1 prefiltration cartridge Pro 1 performs the work of two cartridges for the most effective filtration of coarse particles like sand or clay.

The cutting-edge Pro UF cartridge combines ultrafiltration hollow fiber membrane and fine sorption section. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration technology ensures removal of microparticles larger than 0.01 microns, cutting off viruses, bacteria and cysts without the use of chemical bactericides: the drinking water is absolutely safe for children. The sorption part of the cartridge provides fine filtration that removes dissolved contaminants. The system removes chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, oil products, and other common toxins and allergens in tap water, as well as viruses and any microbial contaminants. Versatile protection from waterborne threats. Reduces common tap water contaminants including chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals, bacteria, phenols.

Other features:

  • Safe water without boiling
  • Easy and safe to replace cartridge
  • Long filter life
  • Traps toxic contaminants
  • Filter life, 10000 liter
  • Filtration rate, 2.5 L/min
  • Replacing cartridges without tools - yes
  • Drinking water tap - yes
  • System type sorption
  • Takes little place under the sink - yes
  • Removes chlorine - yes
  • Replacement of filter cartridges once a year or upon reaching the filter life limit (whichever is earlier)
  • Removes bacteria - yes
  • Drinking water without boiling - yes 

Healthy lifestyle habits
Balanced nutrition is the basis of recovery after exercise or stress. Is water part of it? Yes, in a more general way though - it has a greater mission of methabolism support. Water is not a source of energy and does not provide “bricks” for building cells. Water serves as an inert environment in which chemical and physical processes take place. Water helps to deliver nutrients and remove toxins, because each of us is a mini-laboratory. The cleaner the water is, the fewer glitches in these subtle processes occur - the smoother they go.

A compact kitchen
This filter meets the needs of those looking for a most space-saving design of an appliance. Within its category, this solution will help you to fit within very limited space. Some models do not require direct under-the-sink placement and can be placed in nonconventional spots, together with the whole-house pre-filters.

Allergic children and sensitive adults
People with allergies may be affected by a whole range of pollutants in tap water. Among the allergy-causing waterborne factors are not only chlorine and other chemicals, but even pollen during the season. Seniors and those with sensitive stomachs would also prefer to eliminate even the smallest amounts of chlorine-resistant bacteria. To tackle those special needs we use membranes that also help in various medical applications. Hollow fiber membranes are capable of protecting drinking water from bacteria and cysts thanks to their tiny pores of 0.1 microns. Reverse osmosis membranes give the highest possible level of water purification and will completely substitute water in plastic bottles. All membranes will also filter out the pollen, which can trigger allergic reactions in children and adults.

Cooking enthusiasts
Large amounts of clean and tasty water are needed for drinking but also when cooking a lot for the family. Water is important when you like home made jams, flavorous soups and even proper dough for delicious pizza! With this filter you get enough of clean drinking water for any dish. Cook with pleasure and provide a family with great food for great shared quality time.



  1. Replacement filter cartridge Pro 11 pc
  2. Replacement filter cartridge Pro 21 pc
  3. Replacement filter cartridge Pro HF1 pc
  4. Manifold unit assembly1 pc
  5. Connection unit1 pc
  6. Connection tube with a cone sleeve insert1 pc
  7. Connection node1 pc
  8. Clean water faucet1 pc
  9. Plug1 pc
  10. Plastic key for JG tube1 pc

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